BillStream is an advanced Telecommunications Billing / OSS Company which was founded in 2000 by members with 40 combined years of telecom experience. However - we didn't stop there. Not only is the original team still in place - we have added new members and we continue to innovate and expand the level and type of services we offer without degrading the value proposition to our existing customer base.

While no account is too big for BillStream to support, our focus is on supporting medium and small telecommunications companies. The monthly cost of using BillStream for the smallest companies is less than 25% of the direct recurring costs of operating an in-house solution. Add to that the indirect recurring costs of labor, software maintenance, ongoing backups, etc - and the BillStream value proposition only gets better. As your company grows - the cost of BillStream as a percentage of your total revenue decreases.

With BillStream - you don't just get Billing / OSS services - you get individuals who genuinely contribute to your day to day operations. As one of our customers states' "Working with BillStream is almost like having additional employees without all the expense associated with more employees." And what great "Employees" to have. Our software was not developed just by great programmers who understand the billing process. The company was founded, developed and is currently maintained by people who know telecom.

Call us at 1-800-716-1480 and let us discuss how we at BillStream can make your company money by reducing billing costs and improving your operations.